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Transport, Airport and Global Infrastructure (TAGI)

Fly with us into a new future

Airports are today increasingly under pressure to enhance performance - financially and operationally - to compete. To meet these goals, there is often a need to seek additional non-aeronautical revenue and to release capital for investment. As drivers of economic development in cities and regions, airports need to focus on a wide range of development and business activities, both on the airport itself and in its surrounding areas.

We have the skills to help. 

Way finding your passengers
The way we travel today is significantly changing and is fuelled by innovation in the technology used by airlines, airports and passengers. We will continue to see a major transformation in the way passengers wish to travel; our passengers want more control throughout their journey, how they buy travel services and use self-service on route. ​

Travelling through transport hubs, particularly in airports, will take place in a fully mobile and social environment where the use of vast quantities of data will deliver real service and operational improvement throughout journeys.

Passenger needs and preferences are changing. The future will be about intelligent solutions and collaborating with our customers to improve service, loyalty and create a sense of place. A new generation of airports and transport hubs are being developed.