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Our people

​1) How long have you been in retail?
I have 26 years of experience in retail, out of which 20 yrs are with PCs.
2) What changes have you experienced in this time?
I have experienced the changes; from serviced to more self service shops, novelties in technology, shop fitting, internal decorations and improved customer services, and an emphasis on customer satisfaction, wider shop areas and also importance given to psychographics above demographics in this sector.
3) What is the most exciting thing about working in retail at the moment?
The exciting part of working in retail at the moment is the shift towards experiential shopping according to lifestyle segments of consumers to win more share of the wallet via share of mind and time.
4) How do you think consumer demands/expectations are changing?
The demands and expectations of the consumer’s are like faster / knowledgeable service, convenient shopping and feeling like a guest rather than just a shopper to spend.
5) What’s the most important issue facing retail over the next 10 years?
The important issue of retail will be facing over the next 10 years; technological improvements to enhance shopping and to speed decisions via better CRM applications.