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News Release


JLL Turkey ran for the mountain gazelle

The JLL Turkey team ran for the benefit of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) in the Istanbul Marathon on Sunday, November 16th in order to support the preservation of the biological diversity of Turkey. JLL Turkey President Avi Alkaş, "We, as contributors of the "Turkey's Life" campaign, are glad to take part in the efforts for sustaining the endangered existence of mountain gazelles.

Providing consultancy services for commercial real estate, the JLL Turkey team, in support of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), participated in the Istanbul Marathon, which is the only marathon run between two continents. 35 employees from different departments, including JLL Turkey Country Chairman Avi Alkaş ran the course between Europe and Asia on Sunday, November 16th to show the team's support for sustainable life.

JLL Turkey took a step in contributing to the efforts initiated by WWF-Turkey under the campaign called "Turkey's Life", a campaign launched to protect, among others, the endangered species of Turkey, mountain gazelles. Pointing out that Turkey's natural diversity, home to hundreds of plants and species, is under threat, JLL Turkey ran for the mountain gazelles' continuation of their existence, which has less than 200 animals left.  JLL Turkey supported the "Turkey's Life" campaign initiated to generate funds for the projects aimed at the protection of natural heritage.​

JLL Turkey President Avi Alkaş stated that they, as the JLL family, are very proud of supporting sustainable life. "We as the JLL family are very happy to have contributed to the protection of our country's biological diversity. We supported the "Turkey's Life" campaign of WWF by taking part in such an event which highlights the importance of sustainable life. As a company supporting the social responsibility projects and caring for nature, we will continue to put our signature under such events in the future."